Server Information

- Beta Started August 1, 2016
- Official server launched on August,8,2016
- Free to Play
- Active GM and staff
- Fun community
- Rates: 200x EXP / 160x JOB
- Drop: 75x Card Drops(MVP AND NORMAL), Equipment is Custom
- 255/120
- Mid-Rate Classic Server
- PK Server
- Full Hunting and PVP!

Call your friends and team up!
So what are you waiting for? Join us right now!

Donation System

How to Send Donation via WESTERN UNION.
  1. Bring 1 valid ID and go to your nearest Western Union branch in your place.
  2. Ask the guard to have a sending form and he will give you one to fill up.
  3. Below are the information on where to send the payment:
  4. Receiver Name: Fu Kiong Ng He
    Contact Number: (+1) 3475926892
    Address: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America.
    Zip code: 11219

  5. After sending the payment, kindly email us with the following details below: (fields with * are required)
  6. Email to:
    First Name*:
    Middle Initial:
    Last Name*:
    Present Address*:
    Postal/Zip Code:
    Phone/Mobile Number*:
    MTCN Number(10 digits)*: (Double check your control number before sending the email.)
    Amound Sent*:
    Character Name*: (Please input an exact valid in-game name.)


Send your valid information to validate your payment and process the points immediately within 12 to 24 hours.

Como enviar donacion por WESTERN UNION.
  1. Trae una identificacion(Cedula, Pasaporte, Licencia de conducir) valida a tu mas cercana sucursal de Western Union.
  2. Pregunta por un formulario de envio, y llenalo.
  3. Mas abajo esta la informacion de donde enviar el dinero:
  4. Nombre del recibidor: Fu Kiong Ng He
    Numero de Contacto: (+1) 3475926892
    Direccion: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America.
    Codigo Postal: 11219

  5. Despues de hacer el pago, envianos un email con la siguiente informacion: (fields with * are required)
  6. Email a:
    Primero Nombre del que envio el dinero.*:
    Inicial del nombre de Medio(segundo nombre) *si tiene*:
    Su Direccion(la que puso en Western Union)*:
    Codigo Postal(si tiene):
    Numero de Telefono*:
    Numero MTCN(10 digitos que estan en el recibo de WU)*: (Asegurate que escribistes bien el numero antes de darme Email.)
    Cantidad Enviada*:
    Nombre de tu Personaje*: (Exactamente como aparece en el Juego.)


Envianos la informacion valida, y danos un tiempo entre 12 a 48 horas antes de acreditarte con los puntos.