Lite Patch Installer

The lite installer is only recommended to experienced players who know exactly what they are doing. You may download the Lite Patch if you already have a working copy of the latest kRO files or RO Full Client.

Mirror 1 (MEGA)


  • Download and Save the Lite Patch on your computer.
  • Extract the Lite Patch in the same folder as your kRO or RO Folder. (Make sure no other server is installed in this folder)
  • Go into the RO folder and find the RO Patcher. Right click it > Go to properties > Run as Administrator.
  • Run your RO Auto-patcher to receive the latest updates. You should use this patcher to start the game everytime!
  • Download Client here!!!(Descarga Cliente Aqui!)
  • //////////////////////////////////////
  • Download KRO ONLY(Descarga EL KRO o Carpeta de RO Aqui!)